Capgemini Automation testing Interview Questions for experience

Question Bank : I

what is your Roles & Responsibilities?
Explain your Framework
What is interface? where you have used in Framework?
What is inheritance? where you have used
How to achieve multiple inheritance?
Write program to reverse a given number
How you select an option in list box
What is iframe?
How to handle file downloading & upload popup?
difference between implicit and explicit Wait?
hwo do you count total number of rows in a Web table?
How to select a check box present in a grid
What are web driver exceptions you have faced
How to read data from an excel file?
How many testing teams are there in ur organization
Write an XPath to find all the links
How to read the tooltip text
How to Check if an element is displayed or not
What are the locators you have used in ur project
give me xpath types and which one you have used in your project give example
which class implements WebDriver?
an element has an id "bng_123" but number is changing how to handle it?
how to get text from hidden elements?
What is timeout in grid?
What do you mean by max instance and max session?
What do you mean by max instance and max session?
Can you define multiple public classes in single java it possible?
Class name and java file name should be same?
What you mean by final,finally,finalize?
What do you mean by for each loop?
Diff b/w arraylist and vector?
How do you write custom class which is immutable?
Create a Custom class which contains interface in it, custom class should responsible for performing operation. which type of interface will you use to create such a custom class.

Question Bank : II

1) Write the framework which is used in your project?( for experienced)
2) write the code to fetch data from excel sheet? (very important question asked in most of the interview)
3) what is StaleElementReferenceException?
4) what is Encapsulation?
5) what is Polymorphism? real time example?
6) what is the difference between /a and //a[tr] ?
7) Write a program to reverse the string?
8) Difference between implicit and Explicit Wait? write code ?
9) List the popups and write code to handle it?
10) Write a anagram program?
11) Program to take screenshot ?
12) try{
catch(ArithmeticException ae){
catch(Exception e){
catch(LogicalException le){
Which catch block will get executed if u get ArithmeticException ?
Which catch block will get executed if u get LogicalException ?
13) 4 text box with same class name but different id fetch the text present in all text box?
14) how do you click on checkbox using xpath?
15) print all the options presnt inside multiple Listbox?
16) How many ways you findelement in webpage?

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