Important Drivers in Selenium

  • driver.get(""); To open an application
  • driver.findElement("passwd-id")); Finding Element using Id
  • driver.findElement("passwd")); Finding Element using Name
  • driver.findElement(By.xpath("//input[@id=’passwd-id’]")); Finding Element using Xpath
  • element.sendKeys("some text"); To type some data
  • element.clear(); clear thecontents of a text field or textarea
  • driver.findElement(By.xpath("//select")); Selecting the value
  • select.findElements(By.tagName("option")); Selecting the value
  • select.deselectAll(); This will deselect all OPTIONs from the first SELECT on the page
  • select.selectByVisibleText("Edam"); select the OPTION withthe displayed text of “Edam”
  • findElement("submit")).click(); To click on Any button/Link
  • driver.switchTo().window("windowName"); Moving from one window to another window
  • driver.switchTo().frame("frameName"); swing from frame to frame (or into iframes)
  • driver.switchTo().frame("frameName.0.child"); to access subframes by separating the path with a dot, and you can specify the frame by itsindex too.
  • driver.switchTo().alert(); Handling Alerts
  • driver.navigate().to(""); To Navigate Paeticular URL
  • driver.navigate().forward(); To Navigate Forward
  • driver.navigate().back(); To Navigate Backword
  • driver.close() Closes the current window
  • driver.quit() Quits the driver and closes every associated window.
  • driver.switch_to_alert() Switches focus to an alert on the page.
  • driver.refresh() Refreshes the current page.
  • driver.implicitly_wait(30) Amount of time to wait
  • driver.set_script_timeout(30) The amount of time to wait
  • driver.get_screenshot_as_file('/Screenshots/foo.png') The full path you wish to save your screenshot to
  • driver.get_screenshot_as_base64() Gets the screenshot of the current window as a base64 encoded string which is useful in embedded images in HTML

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