Oracle Hyderabad : Automation testing interview questions

1> write a program for clicking element which present in frame.
2> write a program for clicking element which present in child window.
3> write a program which should validate calender table.
scenario: suppose march calender table consists of all dates 1 to 31
check whether empty boxes are exists in table or not. 
4> what is testng and how it differ from junit? what tests can be done with testng?
5> write syntax of opening browser in selenium.
me: webdriver driver= new firefoxdriver();
interviewer: what happens in dis case firefoxdriver driver= new firefoxdriver(); ?
why we have two syntaxes if der purpose is same?
when do we use firefoxdriver and webdriver in above syntax?
tell me some differences b/w both syntaxes.
6> write syntax for firefox in selenium 3.0.
why selenium people have changed syntax and what is difference b/w syntaxes of selenium 2.53 and
selenium 3.0?
7> what is dynamic polymorphism in java? explain with example.
8> what is difference b/w interface and abstract class?
9> why is the purpose of abstract class when we achieve abstraction through interface?
10> why constructor cannot be inherited in java?
11> Is constructor by default final if yes/no give reason ?
12> what is the package is imported for reading/writing files in java?
13> what is robot class and sikuli and autoit?
14> what is try catch?
15> what is final,finally,finalize?
16> will finally block always executes?
17> what happens if i put system out in catch block?
18> what are oops concepts?
19> if exception got in try what will executes catch or finally?
20> There is one statement when we put dat statement in try, finally block wont execute what is dat
statement? what happens when we write dat statement and where the control will go?
21> Have u ever created user defined exception? what is syntax?
22> difference b/w throw and throws?
23> how do you run tests parallelly?
24> how do pass test data in testng and which annotation will be used?
25> what type of frame work using in ur project explain it.
26> without using sendkeys how will you type text in text box? is der any method or class in java?
27> what is the differece b/w list and set.
28> what is linkedlist?
29> what is hashmap? what will happen if i insert duplicate in hashmap, which will be overriden key or value?
30> how will u do debugg in eclipse?
31> how do you log bug when test case fails?
32> what is difference b/w severity and priority?
33> In which scenarios we get nullpointer exception?
34> where you find difficulties in automation while writing scripts?
35> out of 1000 testcases only 1 testcase failed, how will u run dat test case?
36> There is String with 100 characters in it, characters may in any order and by default dat string is not
palindrome, how will you say string can palindrome or not ?
37> what is agile? explain process in agile.
38> suppose in sprint 10 requirements are der, do we start testing after completeing devlopment
of all 10 requirements or how?
39> how to you click on particular date number in calander month table?
scenario : suppose today i will click on 20 date in month table, tommorw 21 like so.. it
should be dynamic.
write program for it.
40> how do you pass parameter into xpath?
41> suppose u have ten thousand test case files are there. one element got changed in new release
same element was used in 700 test case files.. now say how do you do changes for dat element in those files.
42> Tel oops concept with real time examples... like any software terms you can use.
43> If your script got failed and same script works fine with next run, 
what will you do? will you log bug or what kind of analysis u do?
44> box contains 50 red socks and 50 white socks, what is the propability of getting right pair of same color
in how many picks? tel worst case and best case of probability.
45> if box contains 1000 different colors and total 10,000 sock


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