Sapient Testing Interview questions

First Round :

1.tell me about yourself.
2. What are the test phases you have worked..
3. Have you involved in test planning?
4. Have you given estimations?
5. Which tools you have used for bug tracking?
5. Explain defect lifecycle.
6. What was your responsibility in your current role?
7. Write test case template which you used.
8. As you have worked on webservices which tool you have used? Explain.
9. Which model you have worked on?
10. Have you worked on cms. Explain
11. What is RTM?
12. How good you are in java.
13. He started with basics.
What is class?
What is constructor?
What is the difference between static n non static data members?
Have you used collections.
Explain when we go for arraylist n when we go for set.
Difference between hashmap n hashtable
14. How good are you in Selenium?
15. When we go for automation?
16. Where you were storing your automation scripts
17. I need to modify the test script. Explain how you will access github n modify.
18. How many automation scripts that you can write per day.
19. We are in system testing phase n paralelly POC is going on wrt automation. Are you comfortable working in manual testing team currently.
20. If there is tracker- requirement assigned to handle. What is your approach?

Manager Round :

1. Sapient string to reverse.
2. Extract only numbers in the given string Sap1ent
3. How good are you in Selenium?
4. Have u built framework?
5. Explain framework used in your project?
6. How you were passing multiple data to your test script?
7. Wap to select multiple elements in the list n extract the elements selected..
8. Have you used synchronisation?
9. What is the difference between implicit n explicit wait..

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