Standered Charted Bank interview questions

1st  Round
1. Explain about yourself in short
2. Have you worked in TestNG write the order of testng annotation
3. What is POM explain briefly
4. What is Polymorphism
5. What is Abstract and Interface
6. Difference between Set and List
7. What is API Testing and importance of that
8. rate yourself in java selenium
9. Write the RTM followed in your company
2nd Round
1. Write and explain about your project framework
2. Write a POM class for login page
3. Diffrence between @findby and driver.findelement
4. How to get driver,findelements by using Findby
5. What is Constructor Chaining
6. What are exceptions faced in your project
7. you used interface in your project
8  WAP to get 4 from factorial of 24
8. WAP to get pattern
 9. What are the methods in object class
10  Return type of @ Dataprovider
11. Find to get first list in the multiselect dropdown
12. Explain with example for Interface and Abstract
13. Explain Hooks and Tags concept in Cucumber
14. Explain Data driven in Cucumber
15. Explain Scenario outline and Background keyword in cucumber
16. WAP to select the text from the dropdown
17. How to use mouserover in selenium
18. explain the scope of implicit, Explicit wait and Fluent wait
19. How you validate the schema in api testing using automation
20. If url is wrong in api test what is the status code you get
21. What is BDD why it is used
22. there are checkboxes with 3 same name and 2 with different name how to select the same name checkboxes
23. Any Version control tool is used for automation
24. What is Super key word
25. What is Diamond problem in java
26. how to overcome this issue
27. What is Inheritance how many types of inheritance is there
28. What is method overloading and method overriding explain with example
29. Why we use webdriver driver = new chrome driver instead of chrome driver = new chrome driver
30. Explain the checked and ucheked exception faced in your project
31. How to run regression smoke and sanity test cases using feature file
32. double click in selenium
33. how to run failed test case in testng

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